Privacy Policy

We believe in simplicity.

This site uses cookies that help us analyse usage of the site and improve its usability or discoverability of content as well. If a certain set of articles get more attention, for example, we'd consider diving deeper into the domain or creating similar content for other domains.

The only personal data we have is the contact information you may share through our contact forms (your LinkedIn link and email address), which would be used to get in touch with you and explore business synergies.

Correction or deletion of data - if you accidentally reached out and would either like to know what data we have about you / update or delete it, kindly drop a message here and we'll get in touch with you if we have any data belonging to you based on the details shared.

What about all the analytics tools?

We use Google Analytics and are experimenting or looking to experiment with Amplitude & Albacross at the moment. This is primarily for us to understand how each of these tools work and what would be the decision points for a startup or traditional business we consult to adopt one tool over the other.

This site does not collect payments or repurpose any of the contact information shared for marketing / advertising.