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Think North
Because 'Going South' isn't an option
Ashay, Founder

Hello, my future innovators &
current coffee addicts 😎

From napkin sketches to Series C, we’re here to take your startup from ‘what if’ to ‘what is.’ Think of us as the GPS for your business journey, helping you navigate the tricky bits and reach your destination faster and smarter.

Career Snapshot


Materials Science Engineer • Industrial Design Engineer • Roboticist • Investment Bank Analyst • CTO • Founder • Product Manager • CPO • Consultant • Adjunct Faculty

India’s first zero forex markup card
Avg. savings
Saved in a year
Agro waste -> GO filters for desalination
Energy required
Filtration rate
Grant from Guj. Govt.
India’s most blue collar friendly bank
Series B raised
Empowered customers
Introduced ML/AI in a large investment bank
Less junk data
Faster products
GB/day cleaned
Mentorship & Research
Mechatronics paper
Learning hubs
Individuals mentored

Impact Created


Clients globally
since 2019.


Your venture could be next!


Capital raised
Across assisted & follow on rounds

World’s 1st

Die Casting AI SaaS -
someone had to do it


Gen AI Community
Who says nerds don’t have friends?


Distinct domains
General lists, by Generalists.

Explore ∞ different ways in
which we could collaborate.

And that’s just our standard set of services - we’ve been
through the entire startup and scale up journey multiple times.
Need something that’s not in this section - reach out!

Focus area


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Org. Size

Your venture is unique, why go for templatized consulting?

Customized strategies

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no two ventures are the same (unless you’re copying someone’s homework, in which case we need to talk). Our strategies are tailor-made, fitting your business like a glove.

Tangible results

We measure success by actual metrics, not just good vibes and high fives—though we’re not opposed to either. We ensure a strong focus on the right input metrics that increase the odds of success significantly.

Ahead of the curve

We don’t just follow best practices; we create them. With TNC, you get actionable insights & strategies that keep you ahead of the market. Work with us on testing the fastest hypotheses for rapid innovation.

Join forces with industry leaders
who place their trust in us

because we haven’t messed up yet
and we plan to keep that record. ^_^

Your startup’s potential

isn't going to tap itself


Explore Our Niche Offerings

Tailored, innovative solutions to propel your business forward—because "average" isn’t in our active vocabulary.

Virtual Incubation

Early stage? No sweat. Join our virtual incubation, where we transform your nascent ideas into market-ready marvels, one fortnight at a time. Budget-friendly, because your wallet shouldn’t be the barrier to your brilliance.

Program Details

Corporate Training for Applied AI

Upgrade your executive team with the power of Gen AI across domains like HR and Finance. Because leading in your field should mean leading in tech too.

Train Your Team

E2E Product Development

From vague idea to precise product (Gen AI, SaaS, Mobile, etc), we handle it all: research, design, and development. Partner with us, and watch as we bring reliability and punctuality back in vogue.

Develop Now

Curated Internships

Bridge the gap between academia and industry with our curated internships. We're crafting experiences that shape careers and enhance startups, simultaneously.

Enroll Today

Geoexpansion Facilitation

Expanding to the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia or India? Let's ensure your UI/UX doesn’t get lost in translation, your product is exportable & compliant and there are enough people that meet your target persona & willing to pay for your offerings.

Learn More

Corporate-Startup Pilot Facilitation

We match corporates with startups that do more than meet the brief—they exceed expectations. Structured, streamlined, and superbly managed projects? That’s a promise.

Start Piloting